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 Solving a Problem

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Solving a Problem

Top 3 Common Portable Toilet Renting Mistakes You Must Avoid

Debra Chapman

Whether you are holding an outdoor event or working on a construction site, portable toilet renting is an excellent way to ensure proper sanitation. Unfortunately, you may make a few common mistakes when getting a portable toilet rental, which could lead to a less-than-pleasant experience. 

Read on and learn about the top three among these mistakes to avoid, and their potential ramifications.

1. Renting Based Only on Price

The cost of portable toilet renting depends on several factors, including the type of portable rental and your location. It's easy to go with the cheapest quote, especially when on a budget, but that can quickly turn out to be a big mistake. Instead of looking at just the price, consider the age and state of the rental units, and the sanitation services offered.

2. Renting Fewer Units Than Is Needed

There isn't much that can put a damper on the mood of your event attendees than having to stand in line for a long time to use the washroom facilities. You are better off overestimating the number of portable toilets you need.

Consider the number of people who will be at your event or working at the construction site when renting portable toilets. Base the ratio of portable toilets to people on some factors. These include the duration of the event and whether or not you will be serving beverages at the event, especially the alcoholic kind. Also ensure you get an ADA-compliant portable toilet rental for every few standard units you rent.

3. Improper Placement

Ensure you only place the portable toilets on even, dry ground. Improper placement can spell disaster, especially in bad weather. Scope out the best spots for placement well in advance, and if unsure, ask a portable toilet rental company representative for expert advice.

Similarly, you should ensure your choice of placement spot is easy to access. Also, make a point of spreading the portable toilets throughout your event venue or the construction site. This way, people will not have to move across the venue or site to use the washroom facilities.

Plan Well

Planning well will help you avoid these mistakes. Have a proper budget, and you will not be tempted to go for the cheapest offer without considering other factors. Get a clear understanding of the expected usage, in terms of the number of people using the portable toilets and for how long, and you will not make the mistake of renting insufficient units. 

Similarly, a comprehensive survey of the event venue or construction site will help you avoid problems relating to improper placement.

For more information about portable restroom rentals, contact a local company.