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 Solving a Problem

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Solving a Problem

What Factors Influence Luxury Portable Restroom Rental Costs?

Debra Chapman

Looking for a high-end alternative to standard porta-potty rentals? Although regular porta-potties can work well for almost any event that requires proper handwashing and sanitation facilities, they're not designed to wow your guests. If you want your guests to leave your event with an amazing restroom experience, consider renting luxury portable restrooms. 

From flushable toilets and running-water sinks to heating, air conditioning, illuminated wall mirrors, backup generators, and a spacious design, these restrooms feature everything you'd expect to maximize the surface appeal and guests' comfort. That said, hiring luxury portable washrooms costs money and the cost of your rental will vary depending on many factors.

Here's information on the main factors that influence luxury portable restroom rental costs.

Who You Get Your Restrooms From

Not all upscale porta-potties are created equal. The exact size and featured amenities vary by brand and model, with some companies offering larger units and more amenities than others. Ultimately, who you rent your restrooms from will dictate the per-unit price of the washrooms you need, so it helps to compare prices before renting.

The Number Of Restrooms You Are Renting

The number of people you expect at your event will determine the number of washrooms you should rent, impacting your rental costs. The higher the expected event attendance, the more washroom units you will need to rent, and the more you will be expected to pay.

Your Intended Restroom Hire Period

The duration of your event will determine your luxury portable restroom hire period. The longer the hire period, the higher your total bill will be. The good news is that longer rentals present the opportunity to negotiate better price discounts than shorter rentals.

The Frequency Of Restroom Cleanings

Like standard porta-potties, luxury portable restrooms require regular cleanings to maintain sanitary and hygienic conditions throughout the duration of use. The frequency of these cleanings will vary depending on the number of people at your event and the frequency of restroom use. 

For example, you will need more frequent restroom cleanings at your event if you intend to serve meals. Food and drinks increase bathroom trips, creating the need for more frequent cleanings.

Renting luxury portable restrooms is a smart way to maximize guests' bathroom experience and take your events to the next level. Reach out to a portable restroom rental company to discuss your particular sanitation needs with an expert or for your free, no-obligation quote.

Contact a local luxury portable restroom rental service to learn more.