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 Solving a Problem

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Solving a Problem

Top 4 Benefits Of Drain Cleaning

Debra Chapman

One of the most common plumbing issues involves the drains. The best way to avoid clogged drains is by regular drain cleaning. Here are some benefits of drain cleaning.

1. Prevents Clogs and Improves Drainage

It doesn't matter whether it is your kitchen sink or the drainage pipe of your washing machine; regular drain cleaning minimizes clogs. Many disruptive things go down the drain despite your best efforts—these include hair and grease. 

Clogs in bathroom drains are mainly caused by hair, whereas kitchen drains are mainly blocked by grease. Drain cleaning doesn't only prevent clogs, but it also promotes faster drainage. Therefore, you don't have to experience standing water in your bathroom drains or kitchen sink.

2. Prevents Foul Odors

Many people associate a foul odor with their toilets. However, failing to clean your drains is what allows bacteria and mold accumulation. As a result, the drains produce unpleasant smells.

Mold spores thrive in damp and dark areas, and the interior of your home's drains provides convenient accommodation for these allergens. A regular flow of water isn't enough to wash away these spores. This is why you should schedule drain cleaning because it effectively washes away these spores and prevents bacteria from settling in your drains.

3. Prevents Noisy Pipes

When there are disruptions in the water flow through your pipe system, your pipes will produce squeaking and cracking noises. Drain cleaning helps remove obstructions in your pipes. Additionally, it reduces pressure in your drainage lines. This eliminates the annoying noisy pipes. Furthermore, drain cleaning helps increase the longevity of pipes and drainage systems.

4. Prevents Damage to Your Home

Chemical deposits can corrode your home's pipes. Also, a toilet can cause backflow when a clog forms in its drains. These situations cause damage to your home because of the resulting spills.

For example, the damage caused by a leak in a drain full of wastewater is disastrous. This water is loaded with harmful bacteria and chemicals. The unsanitary water can cause discoloration to your walls and floors. Repairing or replacing these walls and floors is a costly affair. Drain cleaning helps you avoid these damages.

In Closing

Many people only think about drain cleaning when they notice signs such as clogged drains and bubbling toilets. However, it is crucial to invest in regular drain cleaning to prevent costly plumbing issues. The plumber can detect potential problems during a drain cleaning exercise and recommend an appropriate remedy. Furthermore, a professional drain cleaner will advise you on the best practices for cleaning your drains.