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 Solving a Problem

A few weeks ago, my husband and I met with a general contractor. We talked with this professional about building an addition onto our small home. At this time, he informed us about a problem with our septic tank. We learned we would have to relocate a couple of septic lines before construction could begin on our home. Are you considering building an addition onto your house or business? Before you get too far along in this complex process, think about consulting with someone from a reputable septic service in your area. An expert from a septic service can inform you if your current septic tank will be large enough to accommodate the addition. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most common tasks performed by septic services. Enjoy!


Solving a Problem

4 Benefits Of Timely Septic Tank Pumping

Debra Chapman

A septic tank is an excellent investment for any home that is not connected to the public sewer system. Besides being cheap to install, septic tanks eliminate monthly sewer fees, making them cheap to maintain. However, to get the most out of your septic tank, you have to inspect and empty it when it's full. Instead of worrying that your septic tank might fail unexpectedly, check out these four benefits of having the tank pumped when necessary.

1. Identifying Problems Early Enough

Your septic tank is not immune to damage. For example, it can get clogged, and its components wear and tear. If minor damages are left unattended, they will worsen, and you might have to dig deeper into your pocket to address them.

The damage could even worsen, necessitating a replacement of the entire system. Timely tank pumping gives professionals a good chance to inspect your system's condition, identify problems, and quickly address minor damages before they become major costly issues.

2. Increase Your Property Value

If you put your home on the market, potential buyers will want to know when you last pumped your septic tank. If they find an overflowing septic tank, the chances are that they will run for the exit. No buyer would want to buy a home with a full or stinking septic tank.

So, if you want to fetch a reasonable price for your home, you had better seek septic tank services to ensure your tank is empty and clean before potential buyers start viewing it.

3. Keep Health Hazards at Bay

An overflowing septic waste and gas are the last thing you want in your home. For example, the hydrogen sulfide gas from a leaking sewer can make your home inhabitable. Even worse, this gas can cause eye irritation or impair your nervous system.

Also, when your septic is full, the wastewater may overflow, find its way into your well water, and contaminate it. Unfortunately, drinking contaminated water could cause life-threatening diseases like Giardiasis or Legionellosis.

The best way to keep your home safe is to schedule regular septic tank pumping. This will prevent overflows and backups, which goes a long way in keeping your home clean and healthy.

4. Prevent Slow Drain

If you have a full septic tank, you may notice that your toilets take incredibly long to flush, and your sinks take an eternity to drain. This can inconvenience you in several ways. However, a septic pumping service can save you the trouble of constantly unclogging your toilet and sink. Yes, septic pumping can get rid of sludge and waste that may be causing slow drains in your home for a more effective plumbing system.

Timely septic tanking can save you money and keep your home clean. If it is time to pump your septic tank, be sure to work with professionals for exceptional and timely services that guarantee peace of mind.