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 Solving a Problem

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Solving a Problem

3 Important Considerations For Portable Toilet Rentals

Debra Chapman

Portable toilet rentals are needed for events taking place outside. If you're planning to rent some for an event you're in charge of, you have a lot of options. Fortunately, these considerations can help you narrow in on a particular set.


It's customary for people to wash their hands after using the bathroom. You want your guests to be able to do this when using your portable toilet rentals. 

You may have to spend more, but hand-washing stations inside can help guests use the restroom in a clean and sanitary way. You can then hold an event knowing you're doing your part to keep germs at bay and prevent people from getting sick.

Plus, guests will appreciate having the option to clean their hands — especially when using a restroom that is foreign to them and used by a lot of other guests.

High-Quality Aesthetics

Even though the primary purpose of portable restroom rentals is to assist guests in using the bathroom, you still want them to look nice. Otherwise, they'll create eyesores around your event and that can hurt your reputation.

You want to go with portable restrooms that are high-quality on the inside and out. These restrooms are often considered premium portable restrooms and they'll cost much more. However, better visuals will make guests feel more comfortable.

Even though they're using a restroom that is completely foreign to them, the better visuals on the inside and out can make their experiences all the better. 

Professional Transportation

Portable toilet rentals are pretty large and weigh a lot. That makes them difficult to transport by yourself. Whatever type of portable toilets you end up getting for your event, make sure the supplier offering them offers transportation services.

You then won't have to do any heavy-lifting or worry about managing such a large haul. You're probably ordering a lot of portable toilets, too, so having a professional company assist can make things go a lot smoother.

You also won't be liable if the restrooms get damaged on the way to the event site. Just make sure you designate where you want the toilets dropped off.

You often see portable toilets around outdoor events with a lot of people. They're extremely important to the success of these events and you need to be careful about renting them. Paying attention to the right attributes and details can help you have a smooth rental experience. 

When you're ready to get started, reach out to a local portable toilet rental service for more information.