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 Solving a Problem

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Solving a Problem

3 Overlooked Advantages Of CCTV Sewer Inspection

Debra Chapman

You may see a sewer repair business offering CCTV sewer inspection online when you need some help with your own sewer, but you may just skip right over them in favor of a cheaper alternative. However, as much as you may already know about camera inspections for sewer lines, there are some advantages that are easily overlooked. Here is a look at the often-forgotten advantages of CCTV sewer inspection over traditional methods. 

You don't have to risk disrupting older pipes to examine them. 

Old sewer pipes can be made out of a lot of materials, but one of the most common is cast iron. Unfortunately, as strong as cast iron pipes may be, they have an ugly reputation for breaking down due to corrosion with age. These lines tend to hold up fine while they are lying uninterrupted under the ground because the soil encased around them provides support. However, the moment someone starts to dig around these lines, they can fall apart. If you have older lines that you are concerned about, it is always best to opt for CCTV sewer inspection to make sure they do not fall apart. 

You get a diagnosis really fast when there is a pressing problem. 

Sewer problems are not often something you can take your time with, and it's ever important to diagnose a problem as quickly as possible. The longer a problem is allowed to fester, the bigger a problem can grow. Not to mention, sewer line problems can leave the bathrooms unusable and even prevent you from using sinks because drains may lead into the sewer system. One of the greatest advantages of CCTV sewer inspection is the fact that it can take just a few minutes to get a proper diagnosis. Typically, finding the source of an issue the traditional way can take at the least several hours, if not days. 

You find out what's wrong without the mess. 

The typical sewer inspection process involves digging up lines, which can be buried several feet in the ground, and taking a look at what is going on. All of this can be a huge mess to contend with. You may have to deal with disrupting your lawn or landscaping, dirt and mud, and a major mess even after the job is done. With CCTV sewer inspection, you do not have a mess to contend with; all it takes is feeding a camera through the line.